Current Speaker Deputy Speaker KPK and Balochistan Assembly

Speaker Deputy Speaker Election: KPK Assembly & Balochistan Assembly

Abdul Khaliq Achakzai was elected Speaker of Balochistan Assembly and Ghazala Gola was elected Deputy Speaker. The Muslim League (N)’s candidate for speaker of the Balochistan Assembly, Abdul Khaliq Achakzai, won the position without opposition. The Pakistan Party’s Ghazala Gola was elected deputy speaker without opposition as well.

Tahir Shah Kakar, the secretary of the Balochistan Assembly, declared that both candidates were elected without opposition. The Balochistan Assembly’s Speaker and Deputy Speaker will swear oaths of office today.

Babar Saleem Swati Speaker KPK Assembly

Babar Saleem Swati of the Suni Ittehad Council was elected as the Speaker of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. For the post of Speaker, there was a contest between Babar Salim Swati of Sunni Ittehad Council and Ehsanullah Mian Khel of People’s Party, while for the post of Deputy Speaker there will be a contest between Suraya Bibi and Arbab Wasim of Sunni Ittehad Council.

A total of 106 votes were cast in the election for Speaker KP Assembly, Babar Saleem Swati got 89 votes and Ehsanullah Mian Khel got 17 votes. Babar Salim Swati and Suraya Bibi are supported by PTI-backed independent members, while Ehsanullah Mian Khel and Arbab Waseem are supported by the People’s Party, PTI parliamentarians and (N) League.

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