Simple Process to Get Driving License In Lahore Punjab

Get Driving License In Lahore Punjab Pakistan: Simple & Easy Process

In this article, we have completely described three simple steps to get driving license in Punjab Lahore.

Get Learner Permit:
A printed slip will emerge from the Que matic machine whenever the candidate inputs their mobile number. After that, they proceed to the designated counter, give the official their original CNIC, and receive a learner permit that has a 42- to 6-month validity. During this period, the applicant may take the driving exam. In the event that the learner permit expires, the applicant will receive a renewal, their driving test will be administered right away, and they will not be granted a 42-day grace period.

Getting Ready for the Driving Test:
The candidate can finish preparing road signs by downloading the Traffic Sign Test App, according to the authority. In the meantime, the candidate must go to the Traffic Police Center to take the driving test. There, he will receive a token; officials will enter the candidate’s biodata, generate a registration number, and then begin the written exam once they have obtained the CNIC number and thumb impression.

The Traffic Sign Test takes two minutes to finish for the candidate. To pass the exam, they must receive at least 50% of the possible points, or 5 out of 10. The candidate does a road test after completing the exam.

Vehicle and Bike Road Test: 
The candidate will be informed about the driving exam by the traffic police officer before to the road test. They must travel straight into Lahore, make a right turn, and then reverse the vehicle along the same route. Throughout the test, the candidate is only allowed to switch gears once and must avoid running into the traffic cones. The official states that the candidate can only use the side and rearview mirrors to reverse the vehicle.

In the meanwhile, getting a bike license is the same procedure. To pass the road test, the applicant must bring their bike, wear a helmet, and ride it on the designated route. At junctions, they must have indicators.

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