UAE Private Teacher Tutor Work Permit

The UAE has taken a significant step in combating unauthorized private tutoring by introducing the UAE Private Teacher Tutor Work Permit, a venture initiated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) on December 19. The primary objective is to establish a more regulated and professional environment for private tutoring.

Aim and Scope:

The ‘Private Teacher Work Permit’ aims to curtail illicit private tuition activities and is accessible to various groups, including certified educators, employees, job-seekers, school students aged 15-18, and university students. Mohammad Al Mualla the undersecretary for Academic Affairs in the Ministry of Education highlights the permit’s significance in safeguarding the rights of private tutors and ensuring students receive tailored and high-quality education.

Application Process Getting UAE Private Teacher Permit:

Eligible educators can apply via MoHRE’s smart application, website, or e-services platform. The application requires specific documentation such as a valid passport or Emirates ID a signed code of conduct declaration a certificate of good conduct and a No Objection Certificate from the employer and the guardian of the student.

UAE Private Teacher Tutor Work Permit

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Permit Details:

The permit is valid for two years and is free of charge, allowing for both individual and group tutoring while enabling additional income generation. Permit holders must adhere to a Ministry-approved code of conduct. Penalties for unlicensed tutoring exist, with precise amounts yet to be determined.

Key Requirements:

Valid passport or Emirates ID

Signed code of conduct declaration

Certificate of Good Conduct

No Objection Certificates from employer and student guardian

Certificate of experience or diploma

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Apply for UAE Private Teacher Tutor Work Permit Online?

Private tutors can apply through MoHRE’s digital platforms.

Is the Permit Free? How Long Is It Valid?

The permit is free and it is valid for two years.

Can Licensed Tutors Work from Home Countries?

Yes, with valid residency.

Does the License Cover Online and In-Person Tutoring?

Yes, a single license covers both.

Is There a Cap on the Number of Students.?

No specified limit.

Processing Time?

One to five working days.

Application Denial?

If denied, the applicant can reapply after six months.

Empowering Educators:

This regulatory framework underscores the UAE’s commitment to providing quality education and safeguards the rights of both students and tutors. The initiative aligns with the nation’s continuous efforts to nurture a thriving educational landscape.

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