Zong MY 3 Sharing Monthly Package

Zong MY 3 Sharing Monthly Package: Share Data MBs, SMS, Off-net minutes, and On-net minutes

With the MyZong APP, you may share data, SMS, Onnet and Offnet minutes, and up to two child Zong numbers.You will lose access to the MY5 bundle if you subscribe to MY3.The My Zong app is the exclusive method for adding or modifying members.

The group can have a maximum of three members, including the number of parents and children. This implies that a group can consist of up to two members.Data MBs, SMS, Off-net minutes, and On-net minutes can all be shared.


Zong MY3 Shareable Monthly Package Details:

Price: 2000.00

Data: 100 GB

Zong Minutes: 10000

Off-net Mins: 1000

SMS: 10000

validity: Monthly

Susbcribe Code: *7332#


If MY5 is already subscribed, you are unable to subscribe to MY3. Although the resources of the prior offer will expire, unsubscribe from the MY5 offer first using *7335#, and then subscribe to the MY3 offer.

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