Zong Monthly Sharing Package

My 5 Zong Monthly Sharing Package: Share Data, Minutes and SMS

Up to four kid Zong numbers may receive data, SMS, Onnet minutes, and Offnet minutes exclusively through the MyZong APP.The My Zong app is the exclusive method for adding or modifying members.Data MBs, SMS, Off-net minutes, and On-net minutes can all be shared.

It is not possible to set use limits for child members. Every member will have access to all resources.There can be a maximum of 4 member additions per subscription. The customer can remove up to four members from the subscription, but they cannot modify or add more members after that.

Zong MY 5 Shareable Monthly Package Details:

Price: 2500.00

Data: 200 GB

Zong Minutes: 20000

Off-net Mins: 2000

SMS: 20000

validity: Monthly

Susbcribe Code: *7334#


To use the resources, Child Number does not necessarily need to have MyZongApp installed. For creating a group to share resources with child numbers, only the parent must have the most recent version of MyZongApp loaded.

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