Social Media App for Gen Alpha Sendit Personalized AI Chat Feature

The well known social media app for ‘Gen Alpha,’ Sendit, has introduced a personalized AI chat feature.A company called Iconic Hearts, known for apps like Noteit and Starmatch, has introduced a cool feature in its Sendit app. With this latest feature users can create a digital copy of yourself using artificial intelligence (AI). With over 25 million users, Sendit is already quite popular.

Using this new latest feature, you answers some questions, and than AI creates a dynamic digital replica that talks and acts like you. Iconic Hearts believes this is a big change in how we interact online and offering a deeper way to understand our friends preferences and behaviors.

The AI replicas are interactive allowing others to get to know you better by posing questions such as What’s your favorite song? or What do you enjoy doing for fun? You maintain complete control over your AI giving you the ability to check, modify, or remove answers whenever you want.

The founder, Hunter Rice, explains that instead of searching for people on general engines like ChatGPT, in the future, we might use individual AIs operated by their owners.

Sendit has 1.4 million reviews with a high rating and over 5 million downloads. It’s a favorite social networking app for Gen Alpha. The app is gaining popularity especially with its games like 2023 Recap and Report Card, which had millions of plays and views worldwide.

Using Sendit is easy. You pick a prompt or game, and your friends ask you questions from your Sendit profile. Questions can be about anything from fears to favorite bands or even relationship status. The possibilities are endless.

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