Microsoft Mesh Virtual Meeting Feature

Microsoft Teams introduced Microsoft Mesh Virtual Meeting Feature Without VR Headsets. Microsoft is suggesting a different way of working called “hybrid” as many companies want employees back in the office. They have added a new feature called Mesh to Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings.

Microsoft Mesh lets your virtual character meet others in the same virtual space, even if you’re not in the same place. It’s like the Metaverse, but you don’t need expensive VR headsets for a work meeting (though you can use them for a more immersive experience).

Microsoft tested Mesh with companies like Accenture and Takeda. Takeda’s chief technology officer, Leo Barella, says their meetings have been more collaborative and immersive.


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Mesh has ready made spaces that companies can customize. Employees can add videos or logos without needing to code. The Mesh toolkit uses Unity Microsoft’s development platform letting companies shape their virtual world. Whether it’s a work meeting or a casual chat with friends, Mesh can adapt.

Microsoft Mesh costs per user each month, but they’re offering a 6-month free trial for business or enterprise plans. It can go up to per user monthly for Microsoft 365 E5.

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