ios 17.3 stolen device protection

ios 17.3 Stolen Device Protection gives iPhone extra security when it is not in places you usually go, like home or work. This feature helps keep your accounts and personal info safe in case your iPhone gets stolen.

When you turn on Stolen Device Protection, certain actions need more security when your iPhone is away from your usual spots. This is to stop someone who stole your phone and knows your passcode from making big changes to your account.

Here’s how it works:

1. **Biometric Authentication:** For some actions, like accessing saved passwords and credit cards, you need to use Face ID or Touch ID. Your passcode won’t work for these actions, making sure only you can use these features.

2. **Security Delay:** Some security actions, like changing your Apple ID password, make you wait for an hour. After the wait, you need to do a second Face ID or Touch ID check. This delay is designed to stop a thief from doing important things, giving you time to mark your device as lost and secure your Apple account.

When your iPhone is in familiar places like home or work, you don’t need to do these extra steps. You can use your passcode as usual.

To use Stolen Device Protection, make sure you have iOS 17.3, and turn it on before your iPhone is lost or stolen.

How Turn Stolen Device Protection on or off on your iPhone:

1. Go to Settings, then tap Face ID & Passcode.
2. Enter your passcode.
3. Turn on or off Stolen Device Protection.

If you try to turn it off when you’re not in a familiar place, there’s a delay for extra security. Remember to turn off Stolen Device Protection before selling, giving away, or trading your iPhone.

How Stolen Device Protection keeps you safe:

1. Biometric Authentication: When this is on, you must use Face ID or Touch ID to do certain things, like using saved passwords and turning off Lost Mode.

2. Security Delay: After a wait, you need to use Face ID or Touch ID again to do important things, such as changing your Apple ID password or turning off Stolen Device Protection.

Keep in mind that if you change your Apple ID password on your iPhone, it might take some time for the location of your devices to show on

Your iPhone might end the security delay early if it senses you’re back in a familiar place.

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