NADRA Smart Card Under 18 Online Apply Requirements and Fee

NADRA Smart Card Under 18 Online Apply Requirements and Fee

In this article, we will explain about NADRA Smart Card Under 18 Online Apply Requirements and Fee 2024. The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a significant document the Juvenile card for under 18 childrens. This card is equipped with various facilities distinct from the Child Registration Certificate (CRC).

The process of acquiring a NADRA Smart Card Under 18 involves a simple steps overseen by NADRA. To initiate this journey, the child’s parent or blood relative possessing a valid National Identity Card (NIC) must be physically present to provide biometric data. This requirement ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the information embedded within the chip-based card.

First of all,  visit to a NADRA Registration Center (NRC) to apply for the Juvenile card. However, it is important to note that the online application facility is not available, necessitating a physical visit to the designated centers.

NADRA Procedure to obtain the Form B and ID card for children below the age of 18:

1. Visiting a NADRA Center: The process commences with a visit to a NADRA center, accompanied by the computerized birth certificate of the child. A parent or court-appointed guardian must accompany the child for this step.

2. Parental Presence: If both parents are available, one acts as the applicant, and the other serves as a verifier. In cases where only one parent is present, the application form necessitates verification by a Gazetted Officer, public representative, or officials from municipal bodies.

3. Mandatory Child’s Presence: The child’s presence during the application process is obligatory for the issuance of the identity card.

4. Biometric Data Collection: The procedure involves capturing the child’s photograph and fingerprints for children aged 10 and above, contributing to the authentication process.

In instances where computerized birth certificates are not available at the Union Council, alternatives such as school certificates or manual certificates from the Union Council are deemed acceptable.

Delivery time for NADRA Smart Card Under 18:

Normal Processing:** Approximately 31 days
Urgent Processing:** Approximately 23 days
Fast Track Processing:** A swift 9-day duration with queue priority at NRCs for immediate processing

It’s crucial to note that the processing time initiates post submission of the attested form, marking the commencement of the application’s evaluation.

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NADRA Smart Card Under 18 Fee 2024:

Normal: Rs. 750

Urgent: Rs. 1500

Executive: Rs. 2500

NADRA B-Form Fee 2024:

Normal: Rs. 50

Executive: Rs. 500

In essence, the Juvenile card stands as a testament to NADRA’s commitment to secure and streamline identification processes for minors, ensuring their rightful entitlement to essential services and rights.