Agriculture MCQs with Answers

Agriculture MCQs with Answers

Agriculture MCQs with Answers pdf download for test preparation. Most important agriculture mcqs questions answers for tests.

1. What does olericulture study?

Ans:  Vegetable production

2. What is colostrum?

Ans:  First product of mammary glands after parturition

3. How is a banana fruit classified?

Ans: Berry

4. Old the rice:

Ans: aged rice & premium quality

5. What is Gossypium Hirsutum’s botanical name?

Ans: American Cotton

6. What’s the term for selecting plants based on phenotypic superiority?

Ans: Mass Selection

7. What does agricultural extension involve?

Ans:  Educating farmers

8. What practice involves protecting the soil surface with crop residue?

Ans: Mulching

9. What animal does the Bhagnari breed belong to?

Ans:  Cow

10. What does afforestation mean?

Ans: To convert land into forest

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11. What is population genetics based on?

Ans: Hardy Wienberg’s law

12. What type of variety is Inqalab – 91?

Ans: Wheat

13. What nutrients are crops produced in hilly areas usually low in?

Ans: Iodine

14. Where does crossing over occur?

Ans: Homologous Chromosomes

15. What nutrients does gypsum contain?

Ans: Calcium + Sulphur

16. Where is the headquarters of F.A.O. located?

Ans: Rome

17. How does organic matter in soil help?

ANs: Improving soil structure

18. What does seed cotton refer to?

Ans:  Seed with lint

19. What is the ploidy level of American Cotton?

Ans: Tetraploid

20. What percentage of GDP does agriculture contribute to?

Ans: 25%

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