Agriculture MCQs with Answers

Agriculture MCQs with Answers pdf download for test preparation. Most important agriculture mcqs questions answers for tests.

1. What does olericulture study?

Ans:  Vegetable production

2. What is colostrum?

Ans:  First product of mammary glands after parturition

3. How is a banana fruit classified?

Ans: Berry

4. Old the rice:

Ans: aged rice & premium quality

5. What is Gossypium Hirsutum’s botanical name?

Ans: American Cotton

6. What’s the term for selecting plants based on phenotypic superiority?

Ans: Mass Selection

7. What does agricultural extension involve?

Ans:  Educating farmers

8. What practice involves protecting the soil surface with crop residue?

Ans: Mulching

9. What animal does the Bhagnari breed belong to?

Ans:  Cow

10. What does afforestation mean?

Ans: To convert land into forest

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11. What is population genetics based on?

Ans: Hardy Wienberg’s law

12. What type of variety is Inqalab – 91?

Ans: Wheat

13. What nutrients are crops produced in hilly areas usually low in?

Ans: Iodine

14. Where does crossing over occur?

Ans: Homologous Chromosomes

15. What nutrients does gypsum contain?

Ans: Calcium + Sulphur

16. Where is the headquarters of F.A.O. located?

Ans: Rome

17. How does organic matter in soil help?

ANs: Improving soil structure

18. What does seed cotton refer to?

Ans:  Seed with lint

19. What is the ploidy level of American Cotton?

Ans: Tetraploid

20. What percentage of GDP does agriculture contribute to?

Ans: 25%

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