Cadet College Mardan Entry Test Syllabus Class 8

Cadet College Mardan Entry Test Syllabus Class 8

GCCM Girls Cadet College Mardan Entry Test Syllabus Class 8 2024 is designed to comprehensively evaluate students acros five key subjects: General Science, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat and English. Here’s an overview of each subject’s syllabus:

General Science
Understanding the structure of atoms including sub-atomic particles, atomic number, atomic mass, and the arrangement of the first 18 elements.
Exploring ions, chemical formulas of common substances, and types of elements in simple molecules.
Grasping concepts of chemical bonding, solutions, solubility, and factors affecting it.
Investigating physical and chemical changes, plant systems (photosynthesis and respiration), human respiratory and circulatory systems, immunity, diseases, force, motion, and waves.

Covering operations of rational numbers using BODMAS, perfect/non-perfect squares, square roots, HCF, LCM, rates, ratios, proportions, sets, subsets, and their properties.
Dealing with polynomials, algebraic identities, linear equations, properties of geometric figures, circle measurements, surface areas, volumes, graphical representations, and basic statistics.

Understanding parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and punctuation.
Sentence structuring, word meanings, idioms, interrogative and negative forms, essay and paragraph writing, letter/application drafting, translation, comprehension, gender, gerunds, spelling corrections, tenses, synonyms, antonyms, change of voice, and narration.

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Urdu Grammar and Composition
Essay Writing
Sentence Structuring
Idioms and Proverbs

The Significance of Knowledge in Islam
Islam and Public Peace
Educational Endeavors of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Role Model for Peace
Finality of Prophethood
Establishment of the Medinan Society
Battles of Khandaq and Banu Quraiza
System and Respect for Law and Order
National Integrity and Respectful Use of Resources
Social Manners and Etiquettes

GCCM’s syllabus for 8th-grade admission tests ensures a comprehensive assessment, covering a wide range of topics across science, mathematics, and language proficiency. This structured evaluation allows a holistic understanding of students’ academic proficiency and language skills.

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