NADRA Smart Urgent ID Card Fee and Time 2024

NADRA Smart urgent ID Card fee and time 2024 depends upon category of application. In this article, we have provides NADRA fee for ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, nicop id card fee and renewal fee charges.

The National Identity Card (NIC) is an essential document provided to Pakistani citizens integrating cutting edge technology and precise regulations to ensure its legitimacy and reliability. Featuring a distinctive 13 digit identification number, it holds nationwide recognition and serves as a fundamental prerequisite for various official documents including licenses, National Tax Numbers (NTN), bank accounts, passports, cellular connections, and more. Eligibility for the NIC is extended to every Pakistani citizen aged 18 years and above.

NADRA Smart Card Normal, Urgent and Executive Fee Schedule 2024 & time Limit:

New Smart NIC

Normal: PKR 750, Urgent: PKR 1500, Executive: PKR 2500

Smart NIC Modification

Normal: PKR 750, Urgent: PKR 1500, Executive: PKR 2500

Smart NIC Duplicate

Normal: PKR 750, Urgent: PKR 1500, Executive: PKR 2500

Smart NIC Renewal

Normal: PKR 750, Urgent: PKR 1500, Executive: PKR 2500

CNIC Cancellation (Due to death)

Normal: PKR 50

Urgent: Not Applicable

Executive: Not Applicable

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NADRA Child Registration B-Form Fee 2024

The Child Registration Certificate (CRC), also known as the B-form, is a vital document used to register minors below 18 years of age.┬áTo obtain a CRC, documented proof of the child’s birth from the union council is necessary. Additionally, at least one parent must hold either a National Identity Card (NIC) or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). Applying for a CRC requires visiting any NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

Normal: PKR 50

Urgent: Not Applicable

Executive: PKR 500

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) Fee 2024:

The Family Registration Certificate (FRC) serves as a means to link your identity with NADRA’s records, presenting your family composition. It’s primarily utilized for embassy purposes but doesn’t fulfill legal requirements.

There are three categories for applying for an FRC:

1. By Birth: This certificate includes details of your parents and siblings, providing a comprehensive listing of your family composition.

2. By Marriage: This FRC includes details of your spouse and children, outlining your family composition post-marriage.

3. By Adoption: This certificate lists details of your guardian, serving as a record of your family after adoption.

Normal: PKR 1000

Urgent: Not Applicable

Executive: PKR 1000

This breakdown showcases the fees associated with various CNIC/SNIC services across different service types and urgency levels.

Note: In the normal category, the card is typically delivered within a month. For urgent processing, it takes around 15 days, and in the executive category, it’s expedited to just 7 days. However, both CRC and FRC are usually delivered within two days regardless of the processing category selected.

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