Microsoft Edge AI Browser

Microsoft has given its Edge browser a new name called “Edge AI Browser” on all devices like Windows, iOS, and Android. Even though it’s just a name change for now and there are no new AI features added immediately, Microsoft recently launched the Copilot app on iOS and Android, showing a shift towards focusing more on AI.

While the Edge: AI Browser currently has the same features as before, the company’s partnership with OpenAI and the competition in the AI industry suggest there might be exciting developments in the works.


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Right now, if you download the renamed Edge browser, it’s the same as before. But there is hope that Microsoft will introduce more AI features in the future to match the new name. The current Edge browser includes Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, available through a sidebar. You can also download Copilot separately as a standalone app on Android and iOS.

Additionally, there’s an AI image creator called Designer, allowing advertisers to make ads quickly through a few prompts, or you can use Copilot’s built-in image generator supported by DALL-E 3.

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