Winter Vacation in Punjab Extension Today News

Winter vacation in Punjab extension today news on January 10, 2024 for students of Classes Palygroup, Nursery, KG and One.

Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has extended the winter break by an additional week for students up to grade 1 due to severe cold weather conditions prevailing in the province. This decision follows the tragic deaths of numerous children due to pneumonia, prompting Naqvi to postpone all scheduled examinations for this month.

In an emergency meeting held at Children’s Hospital in Lahore, Naqvi emphasized that eight out of every 10 children are currently battling pneumonia. Disturbingly, a considerable portion of the deceased children are infants under six months old.

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Despite an earlier announcement this week that there would be no further extension of winter holidays for schools and colleges in Punjab, the Chief Minister has now mandated an extra week of closure for all educational institutions across the province.Winter vacation in Punjab extension today news is a very good step during this cold winter.

To protect children during severe cold weather, dressing them in layered, warm clothing including hats, gloves, and waterproof outerwear is vital. Maintaining a warm indoor environment, practicing good hygiene, limiting outdoor exposure, and staying informed about weather forecasts are key. Additionally, ensuring adequate hydration, nutritious meals, and special attention for infants or those with medical conditions are essential steps to safeguard children from the harsh effects of cold weather.

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