Downloading E-Driving License Punjab Online

Downloading E-Driving License Punjab Online local and international involves an online process that enables you to download the license in PDF format free of cost. A driving license is an official government-issued document permitting individuals to legally operate motor vehicles on public roads.

Documents Required for a Driving License in Punjab, Pakistan:

1. Application Form: Completing and signing the application form for a driving license.
2.National Identity Card (NIC): A valid Pakistani National Identity Card (NIC) or Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
3. Proof of Residence: Documentation confirming your current address (e.g., utility bill or domicile certificate).
4. Learner’s Permit: If applicable, a learner’s permit obtained after passing a written test.
5. Medical Certificate: Certification from a registered medical professional affirming physical fitness for driving.
6. Passport-Sized Photographs:Recent passport-sized photos as per the licensing authority’s guidelines.
7. Fee Payment: Payment of required fees for the driving license application process.

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Downloading the E-Driving License:

1. Visit the E-Licence download page.
2. Input your CNIC number in the first box and your date of birth in the second box.
3. Complete the captcha by clicking “I am not a robot” and then the “verify” button.
4. Your license will be ready for download in PDF format. Save and print it as needed.

Note: Document requirements and procedures might change, so ensure you verify specific instructions with the relevant authorities in Punjab, Pakistan, before proceeding with your application for a driving license.

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