What are the formulas in Google sheets? Write any three examples

Formulas in Google Sheets are used to perform calculations, manipulate data, and extract insights from your data. Here are three examples of formulas in Google Sheets:

 SUM formula:

This formula adds up the values in cells A1 through A10.

AVERAGE formula:

This formula calculates the average of the values in cells B1 through B10.

IF formula:
=IF(C1>10,”Greater than 10″,”Less than or equal to 10″)

This formula checks if the value in cell C1 is greater than 10, and returns the text “Greater than 10” if true, or “Less than or equal to 10” if false.

Other examples of formulas in Google Sheets include:

  • Arithmetic formulas: =A1+B1, =A1*B1, etc.
  • Comparison formulas: =A1=B1, =A1>B1, etc.
  • Logical formulas: =AND(A1>10, B1>10), =OR(A1>10, B1>10), etc.
  • Text formulas: =LEN(A1), =LOWER(A1), etc.
  • Financial formulas: =PMT(A1, B1, C1), =IPMT(A1, B1, C1), etc.

Note: A1, B1, C1, etc. are cell references, and you can replace them with your actual cell values or ranges

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