PTI Election Manifesto

Barrister Gohar Khan chairman PTI revealed the pti election manifesto 2024 in Islamabad focusing on social and constitutional reforms. The manifesto, titled ‘Shandaar Pakistan, Shandaar Mustaqbil aur Kharaab Maazi sey chutkara,’ was discussed during a press conference.

Gohar highlighted concerns about potential arrests of party leaders who were involved in compiling the manifesto, leading to their absence at the press conference.

  • The PTI leader pledged to establish a truth and reconciliation commission to address injustices faced by the common man.
  • Emphasizing the importance of the rule of law, Gohar stated that every citizen should be treated equally, rejecting the existence of separate laws for the rich and poor.
  • The manifesto aimed to model the country after the ‘Riyasat-i-Madina,’ proposing reforms to simplify lengthy and complicated criminal and civil laws.
  • Proposed reforms included the direct election of the prime minister by the people, reducing the National Assembly’s tenure to four years, and directly electing 50% of Senators.

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  • Economic reforms were discussed, focusing on tax scheme reform, an expanded tax bracket, subsidies for farmers, large-scale implementation of solar energy projects, and the introduction of a universal health card.
  • The party expressed commitment to educational reforms, advocating for a singular education system across the country.
  • The manifesto also outlined values to be instilled in the youth, promoting education and political participation with incentives.
  • Social security for citizens and a tougher stance against corruption were highlighted as key priorities if the party came into power.
  • Gohar stressed the need for a foreign policy based on equality with all countries is also part of PTI Election Manifesto, asserting that no external interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs would be tolerated.
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