PTI Candidates Symbol List 2024

PTI Candidates Symbol List 2024 Punjab, SIndh, KPK, Balochistan and Islamabad for General Election. List of PTI candidates symbols Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar,Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha and other districts.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has assigned symbols to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) candidates who are contesting as independent candidates, following the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the Peshawar High Court’s (PHC) January 10 order.

In a late-night ruling, the Supreme Court on Saturday upheld the ECP’s December 22 decision, stripping PTI of its iconic poll symbol – the ‘bat.’

A three-member bench, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa and comprising Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Musarrat Hilali, declared the verdict after a day-long hearing. The decision was announced just before the expiration of the fifth extended deadline given by the election watchdog for the submission of party tickets by intending candidates.

In the aftermath of the verdict, PTI chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan stated that all party candidates would now contest elections independently.

List of symbols allocated to PTI candidates:

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan: “Teapot”

Shaukat Yousafzai: “Racket”

Shahryar Afridi: “Bottle”

Shandana Gulzar: “Bowl”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s children (Mehr Bano Qureshi and Zain Hussain Qureshi): “Chimta” (Tongs) for NA-151 and “Shoe” for NA-150 constituencies in Multan, respectively.

Umair Niazi: “Door” for Mianwali’s NA-90 seat

Shoaib Shaheen: “Shoe” for Islamabad’s NA-46 constituency

Shandana Gulzar: “Piyala” (Bowl) for NA-30 constituency of Peshawar

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan: “Kettle” for NA-10 constituency of Buner

Additional symbols for various candidates include “Harmonium” and “Aeroplane” for Jamshed Dasti in NA-175 and NA-176 seats respectively, “Hookah” for Maqsood Khan Jatoi in NA-177, and “Keychain” for Daud Khan Jatoi in NA-178. Shairam Tarkai and Rangzeb Khan have been assigned the symbol of a “Dove” for PA-20 and PK-49, respectively. A “Peacock” symbol is allotted to Aqibullah Khan in PK-50, and Abdul Karim receives the symbol of a “Kettle” in PK-51.

For other political parties, PMLN retains the ‘Lion’ symbol, PPPP is assigned the ‘Arrow,’ JI receives the ‘Scale,’ PTI-Nazaryati gets the ‘Batsman,’ IPP is allotted the ‘Eagle,’ MQM-P is represented by the ‘Kite,’ and TLP is assigned the ‘Crane’ symbol.

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