PMS Geography Syllabus

Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Combined Competitive Examination PMS Geography Syllabus Paper-1 & Paper-2.

Geography PMS Syllabus Paper I: Physical Geography :Total Marks: 100

1. The Universe:
Solar system, Earth’s origin, shape, and size
Rotation, revolution, land-water distribution
Geological time scale

2. Lithosphere:
Earth’s composition, internal structure
Rocks: origin, types (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)
Plate tectonics, mountain building, geomorphic processes
Earthquakes, volcanic activity, erosion, deposition, weathering

3. Weather and Climate Elements:
Insolation, heat balance, atmospheric temperature
Structure of atmosphere, pressure, winds
Cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms
Hydrological cycle, precipitation
Climatic classification, atmospheric pollution, global warming

4. Hydrosphere:
Ocean floor, deposits, ocean water properties
Ocean movements, waves, currents, tides

5. Biosphere:
Evolution of life, soil formation
Eco-systems, major biomes

6. Maps and Scales:
Topographical maps, aerial photographs
Remote sensing, weather maps
Map projections, scale types, relief representation

7. Methods of Representation of Relief:
Contour maps, distribution maps, quantitative techniques

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Geography PMS SyllabusPaper-2: Human, Economic, and Regional Geography

Total Marks: 100

Human Geography:

Environmentalism, Possibilism
Population dynamics, society, culture
Races, languages, religions, natural resources
World population, distribution, density, growth
Settlements, urbanization, rural-urban characteristics

Economic Geography

Economic activities, production, consumption
Evolution of world economic systems
Agriculture types, conditions, constraints, policies
Forest, mineral, and power resources
Manufacturing, industries, trade, service functions

Regional Geography

Significance of regional approach in Geography
SAARC countries with a focus on Pakistan
Environmental setting, natural resources, industries, trade, communication in specific regions

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