University of Lahore Fee Structure

UOL University of Lahore Fee Structure for BS Programs. Following fee details included total 8 semesters fee and registration fee.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology BS CET:682100
BS Bio Medical Engineering Technology BS BMD: 649600
Bahcelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology BS MET: 637400
Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering Technology BS IET: 629800
Bachelor of Architecture Engineering Technology BS ART: 668000
BS Physics BSP: 668800
BS Environmental Sciences BSEN: 632200
BS Chemistry BSCHEM: 672300
BS Hons Mathematics BSMAT: 709600
BS Biochemistry & Biotechnology BSBB: 890800
BS Molecular Biology & Biotechnology BSMB: 894800
BS Biotechonology BSBT : 903800
BS Micro Biology & Biotechnology BSMIB:875600
BS Botany: 893400
BS Bioinformatics: 887200

University of Lahore Fee Structure

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Programe- Fee ( Rs)

BS Industrial Biochemistry: 888800
BS Industrial Biotechnology: 903800
BS Clinical Biochemistry: 893800
BS Clinical Microbiology: 893000
BS Forensic Sciences: 893600
BS Zoology :895800
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science BSCS: 1417000
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering : 1375000
Bachelor of Science in Embedded Systems: 1056600

University of Lahore Fee Structure for BS Allied Health Sciences Programs

Program- Fee (Rs)

BS Radiography and Imaging Technology BS RIT: 1140900
BS Medical Ultrasound Technology BS MUT: 1030500
Diploma in Medical Radiology & Diagnostic DMRD : 902000
Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT:1952000
BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics BHND: 1141700
Bachelor of Science in Food Sciences and Technology BS FST:886100
BS in Medical Lab Technology BMLT:908000
Bachelor of Vision Sciences BVS: 1593400
BS in Public Health BSPH:630000
BS Anesthesia Technology BSAT: 720200
BS Surgical Technology BSSUT:606600
BS Emergency and Intensive Care Technology: 622600
BS Operation Theater Technology BS OPT: 735600
BS Respiratory Therapy BSRPT:701000
BS Rehabilitation Sciences BS RS: 601600
BS Speech & Language Pathology BS SLP: 649300
BS Audiology BSA: 691200
BS Occupational Therapy BSOT: 705600
BS Cardiac Perfusion Technology BS CPT: 698700
Bachelor of Science in Sports Sciences & Physical Education BS SPE: 464000
BS Nursing BSN:1039500
Bachelor of Law BA LLB: 2,015,100
Bachelor of Science Pharmacology and Toxicology BSPT: 911,600
Bachelor of Science in Media & Mass Communication BS MMC:1,302,800
Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television BAFT:1,301,800
BS Visual Communication Design BSVCD: 1,345,100
BS Visual Arts BFAV: 1,341,600
BS Animation and VFX BSVFX: 1,345,100
Bachelor of Interior Designing BINT: 1275000
Bachelor of Studies in Fashion Design BSFD: 1254900
Bachelor of Science in English Language & Literature BSELL: 767800
Bacholar of Studies in Urdu Language and Literature BSUR : 535800
Bachelor of Science in Sociology: 698000
BS Criminology & Criminal Justice: 984100
Bachelor of Education (4 Years) BS ED: 475400
BS (Hons) Islamic Studies: 359200
BS Quranic Sciences: 359200
BS Psychology: 1010000
BS Clinical Psychology: 1178000
BS Supply Chain Analytics: 1411000
BS Digital Marketing: 1411000
BS Financial Technology: 1411000
BS Human Resource Analytics: 1411000
Bachelor of Business Administration Honors – 4 Years: 1657500
BS (Hons) Economics:520400
Bachelor of Economics and Finance: 517400
BS Aviation Management: 1312500

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