Islamabad Driving License Chart Fee 2024

Islamabad Driving License Chart Fee 2024

Islamabad driving license Fee chart 2024 for learner, new license, renewal, duplicate, conversion and suspended restoration license.

Islamabad driving license Learner Permit Fee 2024:
1. Learner Permit Valid for 6 Months (Each Category) including NADRA Verification Fee: 349
2. Double Category Learner (Motorcycle + Car/Jeep OR LTV/HTV OR PSV) including NADRA Verification Fee: 649
3. Renewal of Learner Permit including NADRA Verification Fee: 199
4. Duplicate Learner Permit including NADRA Verification Fee: 199

Islamabad driving New/Fresslicense Fee 2024:
1. Non-Professional License: 1800
2. Professional License (Single Category): 2100
3. Professional License (Motorcycle + LTV/HTV OR PSV): 1800

Islamabad driving license Renewal / Duplicate / Conversion License Fee 2024:
1. Renewal of License within 1 year of Expiry including NADRA Verification Fee: 1149
2. Renewal of License After 1 year but within 3 years including NADRA Verification Fee: 1949
3. Renewal of License After 3 Years (Applicant has to appear for Theory & driving test as per SECTION 12(4)) including NADRA Verification Fee: 4649
4. Fee for Conversion, Duplicate, and Addition (Endorsement) including NADRA Verification Fee: 1649

Islamabad driving license Restoration Fee 2024 After Suspension of License:
Restoration of Driving License in Case of its Suspension U/S 16 & 18 of MVO 1965.
1st Restoration: 10,000
2nd Restoration: 20,000

Note: NADRA Verification Fee is included in the mentioned amounts.

This is a breakdown of the Islamabad driving license chart fee 2024 categorized by different permit types, renewals, and restorations, along with their respective charges in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

Islamabad driving license online appointment:

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Islamabad Driving License Online Verification:

To perform an online verification, please visit this Link and provide the requested information:

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How to Pay Islamabad Traffic Police Digital Challan Payment:

Locate your nearest authorized Digital Challan Payment point here

Ensure payments are made solely at designated Jazz Cash Collection Points, adhering to the fixed service charge of PKR 25.

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Driving License Theory Test Pattern & Syllabus:

Total Questions: 10

Marks:100 ( each question carry 10 marks)

Passing Marks: 70