PMS English Precis Comprehension and Translation Syllabus

Punjab Public Service Commission: PMS English Precis Comprehension and Translation Syllabus 2024

a. English Precis and Comprehension: The examination will essentially test the ability of the candidates to handle precis writing, comprehension, syntax, translation, grammar, vocabulary etc.

(1) Precis Writing: A passage of generic nature with enough room for compression shall be given for writing a precis and suggesting a suitable topic.

(2) Comprehension: A carefully selected passage, which is rich in substance but not specific to any discipline, shall be given followed by five questions requiring answers from the passage itself.

(3) Grammar & Vocabulary: Questions relating to correct usage of tense, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, punctuations, verbs shall be given.

(4) Sentence Correction: Sentences may be given, each having a flaw in grammar, punctuations or use of capitals. Candidates shall be expected to correct them without making unnecessary alterations.

(5) Grouping of Words & Pair of Words: Words, chosen randomly, may be given that need to be grouped by candidates in pairs having similar or opposite meaning, use of idioms and proverbs as may be clearly directed in the question, antonyms, synonyms, etc.

b. Translation: A short passage in Urdu that may contain figurative or idiomatic expressions, shall be given for an accurate translation into English.

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