PMS Education Syllabus

The Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore prescribes the PMS Education Syllabus Paper-1 & Paper-2 for the Combined Competitive Examination. This syllabus encompasses a diverse range of topics, methodologies, and frameworks crucial for aspiring candidates.

Education PMS Syllabus Paper-1

The first paper carries a weightage of 100 marks and is structured as follows:

1. Education in Pakistan

This section delves into the historical context, aims, system, and the evolution of educational policies and development plans in Pakistan. It covers significant milestones such as the All Pakistan Education Conference 1947, various national commissions, and education policies from 1972 to 2006. Additionally, it explores the roles played by different sectors, stakeholders, globalization, and their impact on education.

2. Foundation of Education

This segment examines the educational process, emphasizing the role of education in nation-building, character development, and human resource enhancement. It delves into philosophical, psychological, and sociological foundations along with an exploration of Islamic concepts of education.

3. Curriculum Development and Implementation

A comprehensive study of curriculum elements, their philosophical, psychological, sociological, economic, and technological foundations. The process of curriculum development in Pakistan, including needs assessment, aims formulation, content selection, material development, implementation, and evaluation, is a pivotal part of this section.

4. Learning and the Process of Learning

The principles of growth and development, types of development, learning processes, various theories of learning, and factors influencing learning are the primary focus here.

5. Process of Teaching and Teaching Strategies

This section revolves around classroom communication, its influencing factors, barriers, and the effective use of instructional materials and media, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

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Education PMS Syllabus Paper-2

The second paper, also carrying a total of 100 marks, covers these areas:

1. Philosophy of Education

A detailed exploration of the scope of philosophy and various Western and educational schools of thought. The thoughts of Muslim philosophers in the context of education are also studied.

2. Educational Assessment and Evaluation

This section deals with classroom assessment, evaluation, and measurement distinctions, approaches to evaluation, test types, achievement and standardized tests, and characteristics of effective tests.

3. Comparative Education

The history, development, purposes, factors, methods, systems, and issues in comparative education, focusing on selected countries’ education systems.

4. Research Methods in Education

An examination of the scientific method’s application in education, sampling techniques, research instruments, types of research, research proposal and report writing, and qualitative and quantitative research.

5. Educational Administration and Supervision

Covering the concepts of administration, educational planning and organization in Pakistan, approaches to educational administration, functions of administration, educational supervision, and relevant agencies and organizations promoting education in Pakistan.

The PMS Past Papers aligned with the Education Papers Syllabus are available for download to aid candidates in their preparation and understanding of the exam’s expectations.

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