PCS Compulsory Optional Subjects

SPSC Sindh Public Service Commission PCS Compulsory Optional Subjects List and Syllabus. PCS Optional Subjects list & PCS Compulsory Subjects List Sindh.

PCS Competitive Examination Sindh Syllabus and Standards:

1. The examination comprises compulsory and optional subjects.

2. Each candidate must attempt all compulsory subjects and select three optional subjects with these limitations:
a. Only two subjects are permissible from each group.
b. No more than two subjects can be chosen from the following: Arabic Literature (periods I and II), Islamic History (periods I & II), Islamiat.

3. English is the default language for answering unless otherwise instructed.

4. Mark distribution is as follows:
i. Compulsory Subjects (Total 5) Max 450 Marks
ii. Optional Subjects (Total 3) Max 450 Marks
iii. Viva-Voce Max 250 Marks

5. Compulsory and optional subjects along with maximum marks for each:

PCS Compulsory Subjects List:

01. English 100
02. English Essay 50
03. Essay in Urdu/Punjabi/Sindh/Pashto/Balochi 50
04. General Paper in Urdu/Punjabi/Sindh/Pashto/Balochi 100
05. General Knowledge including Everyday Science 150
06. Viva Voce 250

No candidate is called for the Viva Voce test unless they secure at least 33% in each individual written paper and 50% in the aggregate of the written part. Also, candidates must obtain at least 30% in Viva Voce to qualify. Failure or absence in the Viva Voce results in disqualification.

Note: No grace marks are allotted.

PCS Optional Subjects List:

Group A
English Literature Period I, 1780-1832
English Literature Period II, 1832-1901
German (150 marks each)
History of Urdu Literature/History of Sindhi Literature
Arabic Literature Period I
Arabic Literature Period II
Persian Literature Period I up to 1500 AD
Persian Literature Period II after 1500 AD

Group B
Indian History, Period I
Indian History, Period II
English History, from 1714 AD
European History, from 1789 AD (150 marks each)
Islamic History, Period I
Islamic History, Period II

Group C
Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics (150 marks each)

Group D
Applied Chemistry
Forestry (150 marks each)
Human Anatomy

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Group E
Ethics and Psychology
Logic and Elements of Philosophy
Political Science
Criminal Law
Civil Law
International Relations
Commerce Comprising (Industrial and Commercial Organization, Industrial Commercial Law, Statistics)
Public Administration
Journalism/Mass Communication (150 marks each)

Note: Except for essays, all papers have a three-hour duration. Essays have a two-hour duration.

4. Illegible handwriting may lead to a deduction from the total marks.

5. Good English, characterized by clear expression, effective communication, and economy of words, is credited across all exam subjects.

6. Candidates qualifying will be listed in order of merit based on their total marks. In case of ties, preference will be given to higher marks in the viva voce. If viva voce marks are equal, the order will be decided based on the aggregate marks in compulsory subjects.

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