Honda CD 70 Number Plate Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 Number Plate Price in Pakistan and Registration Fee Charges Calculator. In Punjab, Pakistan, calculating the motorcycle registration fee for bikes up to 70cc is a straightforward process. The registration fee for bikes in this category stands at a flat rate of 1000 rupees. However, for a detailed breakdown of fees for bikes up to 70cc, here are the specifics:

Honda CD 70 Number Plate Price in Pakistan & Registration Fee 70cc Bike:

Registration fee: 1000 rupees

Life-time token tax: 1500 rupeesProfessional tax: 200 rupees

Number Plate Fee:
Number plate fee: 1500 rupees

Smart card fee: 530 rupees

Total Fee: 4730 rupees

Please note, if a transfer is applicable, an additional 500 rupees will be added to the total fee.

Important Note:

If the bike’s invoice is under a different name and you wish to transfer ownership to your name, a 500-rupee transfer fee will be applicable.
These fee structures for life-time token tax, professional tax, number plate fee, and smart card fee remain constant for each bike. However, the registration fee varies according to the bike’s engine capacity.

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Moreover, if you register your bike within two months of its purchase date, this fee structure applies. Any delay may incur fines ranging from 500 to 1000 rupees.

For registration, the required documents will need to be furnished. You can utilize the tax calculator for Motorcycle Registration Fee in Punjab, Pakistan, available on the Excise & Taxation Punjab official website.

This breakdown aims to simplify the understanding of registration fees for bikes up to 70cc in Punjab, Pakistan, ensuring a clear overview of the associated costs. If there are any uncertainties, feel free to comment for clarification.

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