LCIC Cadet College Kasur Scholarship Test Syllabus

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Scholarship Test Syllabus

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Scholarship Test Syllabus for 6th, 7th and 8th Class. Cadet College Kasur NTS Scholarship test pattern and paper composition 2024.

The Cadet College Kasur Scholarship Test evaluates candidates based on their previous grade/class curriculum, with a total of 150 marks. The written test has 3 hours timing. The focus is on identifying and rewarding deserving individuals for their excellence and aptitude.

LCIC Cadet College Kasur Tst Paper Composition Need Based Talented Entry Test for Scholarship of Rs 300,000/-

1. English Section (40 Marks)
a. Grammar/Use of proposition
b. Sentence making/Spelling Corrections
c. General phrases / Idioms.
d. Essay/paragraph / dialogue.
e. Application/letter
f. Translation from Urdu to English and English to Urdu

2. Urdu Section (40 Marks)
a. Urdu grammar/Use of proposition
b. Sentence making / general idioms/phrases
c. Essay/Dialogue
d. Application/letter
e. Translation of a para into easy words
f. Poetry

3. Math & Gen Science Section (40 Marks)
a. Objective questions about basic mathematical and science concepts
b. Fill in the blanks.
c. True and False statements.
d. Short Questions.
e. General awareness.

4. Interview: (30 Marks)

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The LCIC Cadet College Kasur Scholarship Test syllabus is based on the curriculum of the candidate’s previous grade or class. It covers subjects and topics relevant to that academic level.

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