Gmail AI email writing feature for android users

Google is introducing Gmail AI Email writing feature for android users. Gmail on Android is a very popular email app, and soon it is getting even better! Google is testing a new feature that makes drafting emails easier and faster for android users. They already have the Help Me Write feature, but now they are testing a voice input option to make things even more convenient.

The Help Me Write feature was introduced in a Google event last year, and it is an AI writing feature for Gmail that helps with drafting emails. Currently, users have to input specific prompts in text form for it to work well. But now, Google is trying out a voice input feature for Gmail on Android.

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Testers who got to try it out found an option called “draft an email with your voice.” Although voice input has been available on Android keyboards, this new feature is directly built into the Gmail app. It’s not just simple voice dictation; it focuses on making AI input prompts easier to handle.

Currently, Gmail AI email writing feature for android users is being tested by Google Workspace Labs users in the US and is available only in English. There is no information on when it will be available for all Gmail users on Android phones but we will update you when we know more

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