English Class 9 Chapter 9 Question Answer

English Class 9 Chapter 9 Question Answer All is not Lost download pdf. All is not Lost Class 9 Questions with simple answers exercise and from lesson.

All is not Lost English Class 9 Chapter 9 Question Answer:

Q. 1 Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?
Ans. She aimed to stimulate Hira’s dormant neurons through the familiar voice of her sister.

Q. 2 Why did the nurse disagree with the doctor’s point of view?
Ans. Her optimism regarding the patient’s recovery stood in contrast to the doctor’s viewpoint.

Q.3 Why did the nurse ask herself the question: Could I be able to justify my stance before the senior doctors?
Ans. This self-questioning arose due to her dissenting opinion from that of the senior doctors.

Q.4 Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story?
Ans. She exemplified kindness, courage, and wisdom, displaying sincere dedication to her profession.

Q.5 Why did the nurse say: “Where there is will there is way”?
Ans. In the pursuit of reviving a seemingly hopeless patient, she emphasized the importance of determination and possibility.

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Regarding the lesson:

Q. 1 What is an ICU in a hospital?
Ans. It serves as a specialized ward designed for the care of critically ill patients.

Q. 2 To what extent does the recovery of a patient depend upon the doctor and nurse?
Ans. The complete recuperation of a patient relies entirely on the treatment and attentive care provided by the doctor and nurse.

Q: 3 What do you infer about her professional skills from the expression, “Try once for her”?
Ans. This phrase indicates her exceptional kindness, sincerity, honesty, and unwavering dedication to her profession.

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