BSN Nursing Entry Test Past Papers pdf

BSN Nursing Entry Test Past Papers pdf and MCQs with answers for test preparation. Most important mcqs for nursing entry test preparation.

1. Axon is the part of neuron fiber which conducts nerve impulses from the cell body.
Answer: True

2. The number of cranial nerves in humans has 12 pairs.
Answer: True

3. Medulla is the part of the brain which controls breathing, heart rate, and swallowing.
Answer: True

4. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by:
a) Streptococcus pyogenes
b) Treponema pallidum
c) Staphylococcus aureus
d) Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Answer: b) Treponema pallidum

5. Discharge of ovum or secondary oocyte from ovary or from Graafian follicle is called:
Answer: Ovulation

6. Second meiotic division in the secondary oocyte proceeds as far as:
Answer: Metaphase II

7. Spermatid differentiates directly into mature sperm.
Answer: True

8. Uterus opens into the vagina through:
Answer: Cervix

9. Each muscle fiber is surrounded by a membrane called:
Answer: Sarcolemma

10. When calcium ions are released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, they bind with:
a) Actin
b) Myosin
c) Troponin
d) Tropomyosin
Answer: c) Troponin

11. Human and mammalian skeletons can be divided into two parts:
Answer: Axial skeleton and Appendicular skeleton

12. The last four vertebrae in humans are fused to form a structure called:
Answer: Coccyx

13. Three bones are involved in the formation of each half of the pelvic girdle.
Answer: True

14. Ductless glands are known as:
Answer: Endocrine gland

15. Gastrin is the hormone produced by the:
Answer: Stomach

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BSn Nursing Entry Test MCQs with Answers pdf & Past Papers:

16. Vasopressin and Oxytocin are released from the:
Answer: Posterior pituitary

17. Antigen is a foreign protein or any other molecule which stimulates the formation of:
Answer: Antibodies

18. Antibodies are produced by:
Answer: B lymphocytes

19. T-lymphocytes become mature and competent under the influence of:
Answer: Thymus gland

20. Skin and mucous membranes are part of the body defense system and they form the:
Answer: Physical barrier

21. Snake bite is treated with a passive type of immunization.
Answer: True

22. Total NADH formed by one glucose molecule during Krebs’s Cycle are:
Answer: 6 NADH

23. The terminal electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is:
Answer: Oxygen

24. The end product of glycolysis is:
Answer: Pyruvate

25. One molecule of FADH2 is produced in Krebs’s cycle during the conversion of:
Answer: Succinate to Fumarate

26. In recombinant DNA technology, enzymes are tools for manipulating DNA.
Answer: True

27. In recombinant DNA technology, plasmids are used as:
Answer: Vectors

28. The distinct levels or links of a food chain are called:
Answer: Trophic level

29. Bacteria and fungi are examples of:
Answer: Decomposers

30. The cause of acid rain is:
Answer: Oxides of nitrogen and Sulphur

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