Which device is used to experience Virtual Reality

Devices used to experience virtual reality:

Virtual reality is a computer-simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It can be used for entertainment, education or training . The most common devices used to experience virtual reality are VR headsets, which include:

Meta Quest 3: The best VR headset overall, it is portable and has a sleek design, vivid color reproduction, and a large game and app library.

HTC Vive XR Elite: The best convertible VR headset, it has a detachable screen and a PC-free mode.

Meta Quest 2: The best VR headset for most people, it is a more affordable option with a large game and app library.

Apple Vision Pro: The best premium VR headset, it is a mixed reality headset with a very sharp passthrough mode and advanced hand and eye-tracking.

PlayStation VR 2: The best VR headset for gaming, it has a wide viewing angle and vivid OLED display technology, and sensational controller haptics.

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