What is the difference between a workbook and worksheet

Difference between a workbook and worksheet:

In Microsoft Excel, a workbook and worksheet have the following differences:


  • A file that contains one or more worksheets (also called spreadsheets)
  • A collection of worksheets, charts, and other elements
  • Can have multiple worksheets, each with its own data and formatting
  • Saved as a single file with a .xlsx or .xls extension

Worksheet (or Spreadsheet):

  • A single page within a workbook
  • A grid of cells where you can enter data, formulas, and formatting
  • Can be used for data entry, calculations, charts, and more
  • Multiple worksheets can be included in a single workbook

In Excel, think of a workbook as a binder and a worksheet as a single page within that binder. You can have multiple worksheets (pages) in a single workbook (binder).

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