What are the other names used for self driving cars?

Other names used for self driving cars:

Self-driving cars, also known as autonomous vehicles, are cars that can operate independently without a human driver . These cars use a combination of cameras, radars, LIDARs and GPS technology to navigate roads, detect obstacles and make decisions in real-time .

Self-driving cars are also known by several other names, including:

1. Autonomous vehicles
2. Driverless cars
3. Robotic cars
4. Automated vehicles
5. Self-driving vehicles
6. Autonomous cars
7. Driverless vehicles
8. Robocars

Some of the key features of self-driving cars include :

Autonomous navigation: Self-driving cars can navigate roads and traffic without human intervention.
Obstacle detection: Self-driving cars can detect obstacles such as pedestrians, other vehicles, and road debris.
Real-time decision-making: Self-driving cars can make decisions in real-time to avoid accidents and ensure safe passage.
GPS tracking: Self-driving cars can use GPS to track their location and destination.
AI-powered technology: Self-driving cars use artificial intelligence (AI) to process visual data, make decisions and operate the vehicle.

There are different levels of autonomy in self-driving cars, ranging from Level 1 (driver assistance) to Level 5 (full autonomy) . Most self-driving cars currently on the market are at Level 2 or Level 3, which means they require human oversight and intervention in certain situations

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