Television VS Newspapers Class 10 Questions Answer

Television VS Newspapers Class 10 Questions Answer Chapter 6 Solved Exercise and Lesson. Class 10th Chapter-6 Questions with Answers from exercise & Lesson simple.

From Text Book Exercise:

Questions 1. How is a newspaper more convenient medium of news?

Answer: A newspaper offers convenience as it can be read anytime and anywhere.

Questions 2. How does a viewer get restricted while watching TV news?

Answer: Viewers of TV news lack the choice to skip any news segment.

Questions 3. In what way viewing news on TV is easier than reading newspaper?

Answer: Television news is simpler due to its visual and auditory nature.

Questions 4. How do newspapers give us more in-depth coverage?

Answer: Newspapers provide comprehensive coverage through editorials and columns.

Questions 5. Why do some people read more than one newspaper?

Answer: Some individuals read multiple newspapers to verify the credibility of news.

Questions 6. How can readers give feedback to the newspaper articles?

Answer: Readers can share their feedback by contributing to the forum pages.

Questions 7. Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?

Answer: I prefer TV for news as it offers updated information and visual content.

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Questions Answers from Lesson:

Questions 1. What is one good thing about newspapers?

Answer: The flexibility to read newspapers anytime and anywhere is advantageous.

Questions 2. How does television make us lazy?

Answer: Television allows us to access news effortlessly.

Questions 3. Have you ever given your views on any article?

Answer: Yes, I once shared my views on “Corruption” in response to a column in “The Jang.”

Questions 4. Which simile has the author used and why?

Answer: The author compares TV news to fast food and newspapers to a dinner with various dishes. This simile emphasizes the freedom to choose news in newspapers, unlike the limited selection on TV.

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