Selecting the Right Career Question Answers

Selecting the Right Career Question Answers Class 10 download in pdf free. Class 10 Chapter 9 exercise & lesson simple questions with answers notes.

Class 10 Chapter -9 Solved Exercise and Lesson Simple Questions Answers:

From Exercise:

1. What were some famous careers for the young people in the past?

Answer: In earlier times, famous careers for young people included becoming a doctor, a pilot, or an engineer.

2. Nowadays non-traditional careers are more appealing to young minds? Why?

Answer: Non-traditional careers hold greater appeal for young minds due to the creative and dynamic nature of life.

3. What is meant by the “right profession”?

Answer: The “right profession” refers to a career that offers respect, financial stability, and mental well-being.

4. Why is it important to consider the scope of any field?

Answer: Understanding a field’s scope is crucial as it assists in identifying suitable professions.

5. Is there any need of proper career counseling department? Why?

Answer: Absolutely, career counseling departments are essential as they guide students in choosing the right profession.

6. How can career counselors help the young people?

Answer: Career counselors can help young individuals by recommending suitable professions aligned with their strengths and interests.

7. Which career do you want to opt for? Give reasons.

Answer: I aspire to become a teacher as I am passionate about spreading knowledge within my village.

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From Lesson:

1. In past, why did people want to become a doctor, an engineer or a pilot?

Answer: People aimed for these jobs because they were seen as respectable and well-paying back then.

2. Explain the phrase “profitable livelihood”?

Answer: It means having a job or career that pays well.

3. How do career counselors help you choose the right profession?

Answer: They guide us by understanding current job trends and market demands.

4. Which of these professions have interested you the most? Why?

Answer: Teaching is my choice because I want to spread knowledge within my village.

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