Passport Online Urgent Renewal Fee 2024

Pakistani Passport Online Urgent Renewal Fee 2024 has been announced by the Government of Pakistan. In this article, we will explain about normal , urgent, fast track and e-passport fee and charges from January 2024.

The issuance of passports by the Government of Pakistan stands as a pivotal support for its citizens, enabling seamless travel and extending protective measures during their stays in foreign lands through Pakistan’s Diplomatic Missions. Holding a valid Pakistan passport abroad ensures access to the diplomatic and consular support provided by Pakistan’s representatives in that country.

A Pakistan passport isn’t just a travel document; it’s the primary identifier of a Pakistani citizen outside the Republic of Pakistan. It not only confirms the individual’s identity but also upholds their right to depart from and enter the country.

Regulated by the Passport Act of 1974 and the Passport Rules of 2021, the passport issuance operates across four categories:

1. Ordinary Passport
This passport type is accessible to all Pakistani citizens for international travel, contingent upon fulfilling the requisite formalities.

2. Official Passport
Issued according to Schedule-III of Passport Rules 2021, the official passport serves specific official purposes.

3. Diplomatic Passport
Reserved for state dignitaries and diplomats, this passport type aligns with Schedule-IV of Passport Rules 2021.

4. Emergency Travel Document
For urgent situations abroad, Pakistani nationals can obtain the Emergency Travel Document (ETD) to facilitate a one-time return to Pakistan.

Normal, Urgent, Fast Track Passport fee and time

Normal, Urgent, Fast Track Passport fee and time
The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports issues Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) for durations of five or ten years, depending on the applicant’s preference and fee payment. Processing times vary based on urgency:

Normal: 21 working days
Urgent: 5 working days
Fast Track: 2 working days

E-Passport Normal & Urgent Fee Structure from January 2024

From August 16, 2023, the countrywide implementation of e-Passports extends convenience to citizens through all field offices. The newly introduced Ordinary e-Passport comes with varying fees based on duration and page count:

36 Pages:
5 Years
Normal Fee: Rs. 9,000/-
Urgent Fee: Rs. 15,000/-
10 Years
Normal Fee: Rs. 13,500/-
Urgent Fee: Rs. 22,500/-

72 Pages:
5 Years
Normal Fee: Rs. 16,500/-
Urgent Fee: Rs. 27,000/-
10 Years
Normal Fee: Rs. 24,750/-
Urgent Fee: Rs. 40,500/-

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This breakdown delineates the fee structure for e-Passports based on the number of pages and the duration of validity, distinguishing between normal and urgent processing fees for each category.

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