Danish School 6 Class Entry Test Syllabus Past Papers 2023

Danish School 6 Class Entry Test Syllabus Past Papers 2023

Danish School 6 Class Entry Test Syllabus Past Papers 2023 download in pdf free for test preparation. Daanish Schools Entry Test Syllabus & Pattern to Prepare for the Test.

Class 6 Admission Eligibility Criteria for Daanish Schools:

To be eligible for admission a student must:

1. Be enrolled in Grade-V.
2. Have successfully passed exams for Class V, either from PEC or any other recognized board.
3. Be between 10-12 years of age for boys and 10-13 years for girls.
4. Fall below the approved maximum income bracket.
5. Belong to one of the deserving categories.
6. Successfully clear the written test.
7. Pass antecedent verification.
8. Clear the medical test.
9. Rank among the first 87 or 100 students based on merit.

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Danish School 6 Class Entry Test Syllabus Past Papers 2023 & Pattern : 100 Marks

The Danish school entry test has a comprehensive syllabus across various subjects, allocating 20 marks each to English, Science, Math, General Knowledge (GK), and Urdu. In the English section, candidates are assessed on multiple fronts, including writing an essay and application, demonstrating proficiency in verb forms, translating sentences from Urdu to English and vice versa, along with understanding gender usage and singular-plural forms. The Science section evaluates students through fill-in-the-blank exercises, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and short-answer questions. Math focuses on shorter questions, testing fundamental mathematical concepts upto grade V. The GK section primarily involves MCQs covering a broad spectrum of general knowledge topics basic level. Lastly, the Urdu section evaluates candidates on essay writing, application writing, grammar proficiency, and MCQs related to the language.

Admission Procedure Timeline (excluding Nursery and prep classes):2024

1. Collection of Admission forms from the school: 1st week of January
2. Submission of Admission forms (Preparation of 4 versions of each written test): 15 days after the publication of Advertisement
3. Written entry test: Feb 18
4. Processing of admission: Feb 18
5. Announcement of written result (merit list): Feb 25
6. Interview of students/parents: Feb 28 to Mar 10
7. Display/announcement of results: Mar 15
8. Admitted students provided written Admission Slips: Mar 20
9. Deadline announced for payment of dues: April 22

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