Can we have more than one backdrop in our program? If yes then how to create them and change the backdrop

Yes, you can have more than one backdrop in your Scratch program! Here’s how:

1. Create a new backdrop:

  • Go to the “Backdrops” tab in the Scratch editor.
  • Click the “Paint” button to create a new backdrop.
  • Design your new backdrop using the paint tools.

2. Add multiple backdrops:

  • Repeat step 1 to create additional backdrops.
  • You can have up to 254 backdrops in a Scratch program.

3. Switch between backdrops:

  • Use the “Switch Backdrop” block in the “Looks” category.
  • Select the backdrop you want to switch to from the drop down menu.


If you want to switch from backdrop “City” to backdrop “Forest”, you would use the block: “Switch Backdrop to Forest”.

You can also use the “Next Backdrop” block to cycle through your backdrops in a specific order.


  • Use backdrops to create different scenes or environments in your program.
  • Use the “Switch Backdrop” block to create animations or transitions between scenes.
  • Use the “Backdrop Number” block to keep track of the current backdrop and switch to a specific one based on conditions.

By using multiple backdrops, you can add more variety and depth to your Scratch programs!

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