What is unguided media Write its three transmission categories in detail

Unguided media, also known as wireless media, are channels that allow data to be sent from one location to another without the use of physical pathways. Here are three types of unguided media: Radio waves: These are easy to generate and can penetrate through buildings. The sending and receiving antennas need not be aligned. Frequency … Read more

Write a detailed note on wireless transmission media

Wireless transmission media refers to the methods and technologies used to transmit data or information through the air, without the use of physical cables or wires. This type of transmission uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, microwaves, and infrared signals, to transmit data between devices. Types of Wireless Transmission Media: 1. Radio Waves: Used … Read more

What is coaxial cable Explain the advantages and disadvantages of coaxial cable

A coaxial cable is a type of wire that carries signals, like TV shows and internet data, from one place to another. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of coaxial cables: Advantages: High data transmission speed Good signal strength Resistant to interference Supports multiple channels Durable and long-lasting Less susceptible to noise or interference Higher … Read more