Suzuki Swift 2024 Latest Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2024 Latest Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2024 Latest Price in Pakistan with new specifications, latest price and features. Pakistan’s automotive scene is about to get a fresh upgrade with the arrival of the Suzuki Swift 2024. ​As excitement mounts let’s dive into the specifications of the Suzuki Swift 2024 with latest pricing range and features.

New Design and Exterior

Renowned for its contemporary and dynamic design, the Swift is poised to take it up a notch with the 2024 model. Expect a sleek silhouette, a distinctive front grille, and stylish headlights that are bound to catch attention wherever it goes.

Interior Comfort and Latest Features

Suzuki consistently prioritizes comfort and practicality, and the Swift 2024 is no exception. The interior promises ergonomic design for a comfortable driving experience, complete with modern entertainment and connectivity features to cater to tech-savvy drivers.

Engine Best Performance

The heart of any car lies in its engine, and the Swift has a history of delivering spirited performance. The 2024 model is set to continue this trend, offering an efficient and responsive engine suitable for city driving and beyond.

Suzuki Swift 2024 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift GL Manual: PKR 4,256,000

New Suzuki Swift GL CVT: PKR 4,574,000

Suzuki Swift GLX CVT: PKR 4,960,000

Latest Safety Features

Safety is a top concern for any vehicle, and Suzuki is known for its proactive approach in integrating crucial safety features. Expect the Swift 2024 to be equipped with advanced safety measures, ensuring a secure driving experience.

suzuki swift new model 2024


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Good Fuel Efficiency

With fluctuating fuel prices, fuel efficiency becomes paramount. The Swift 2024 is anticipated to boast impressive mileage, making it an economical choice for daily commutes and long journeys.

Multiple Variants and Customization

Suzuki often caters to diverse preferences by offering multiple variants. The Swift 2024 is likely to come in different options, each with its unique set of features. Customization choices might also be available for buyers seeking a personalized touch.

Suzuki Swift 2024 Key Specifications:

Price Range: PKR 42.6 – 49.6 lacs

Body Type: Hatchback

Dimensions (L x W x H): 3845 x 1735 x 1520 mm

Ground Clearance: 160 – 180 mm

Displacement: 1200 cc

Transmission: Manual & Automatic

Horsepower: 82 hp

Torque: 113 Nm

Boot Space: 265 L

Kerb Weight: 855 – 895 KG

Fuel Type: Petrol

Mileage: 12 – 18 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity: 37 L

Seating Capacity: 5 persons

Top Speed: 180 – 220 KM/H

Tyre Size: 185/55/16