SUPARCO Entry Test Physics MCQS for Test Preparation


SUPARCO Entry Test Physics MCQS for Test Preparation solved questions answers. Most important  physics solved mcqs for SUPARCO test preparation.

The time to complete one vibration is called ? Time Period

The waves which require any medium for their propagation are called? Mechanical waves

What is the unit of intensity of sound? W/m2

What is the speed of sound at STP? 330m/s

The sound waves having frequency less than 20 Hz are called? Infrasound

Pole of spherical mirror is also called as? Vertex

Which symbol is used to represent diopter? D

Light enters the eye through the transparent membrane called:? Cornea

Protons contains charge? Positive

The materials having free electrons are called? Conductors

Which device is used to store electric charge? Capacitor

Electric potential is given by? V =W/Q

Capacitance is defined as? Q/V

The rate of flow of charge is called ? Electic Current

MRI is used to diagnose ? Brain Disease

The charge carried by cathode rays are? Negative

CBIS stands for? computer Based information System

HTML stands for? Hyper text markup language

IP stands for? Internet protocol

The brain of computer is? CPU

Who discovered neutrons? J.J Thomson

Energy-mass relationship is : E=MC square

Carbon has isotopes : 2

Breaking of heavy nucleus in to smaller nuclei is called ? Nuclear fission

β particles contains charge ? -1

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