Simple Present Excercises Tests Worksheets pdf

English Tensese Excercises Worksheets

Simple Present Tense Excercises Tests Worksheets pdf online download free for practice tests and tense preparation easily.

Excercise: 1

She walks to work every day. (walk)

He drinks coffee in the morning. (drink)

They play soccer on Saturdays. (play)

I study English for an hour every day. (study)

She listens to music while she works. (listen)

He always forgets his keys at home. (forget)

The cat sleeps all day long. (sleep)

We watch movies on Friday nights. (watch)

The earth revolves around the sun. (revolve)

They eat dinner together as a family every night. (eat)

Excercise: 2

She teaches math at the local high school.(teach)

He reads a book before going to bed.(read)

They go to park every evening.( go)

I write in my journal every morning.(write)

She takes a shower after exercising.(take)

He practices the piano for two hours every day.(practice)

The birds sing in the trees outside my window.(sing)

We clean the house every weekend.(clean)

The bus arrives at the station at 7 pm.(arrive)

She drives to work in rush hour traffic. (drive)