Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gorilla Glass Armor

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gorilla Glass Armor reduces reflections by up to 75% compared to other glass screen protectors. If you are in well lit environments often the phone’s anti reflective glass can be highly beneficial.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra looks a lot like its older version, but the small improvements make using it much better. The screen is brighter and the processor is faster. The phone is very durable. These changes might not seem big on paper but they really improve how people use the phone just like the new Gorilla Glass protection.

Even though Samsung didn’t talk much about it, the Gorilla Glass Armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is impressive. The screen is not only brighter than the older Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the special glass also reduces glare and reflections. People who use the Galaxy S24 Ultra notice that the screen is much better in different lighting.

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Samsung says the Gorilla Glass Armor can cut back on 75% of reflections compared to other glass screen protectors. This is helpful in places with a lot of light making the screen easy to see. Pictures comparing the Galaxy S24 Ultra with the iPhone 15 Pro Max show that the Samsung phone has better colors and almost no reflections. The glass is also good at resisting small scratches which can make it last longer than other glass screens.

Because the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen is so good, many people think Samsung should talk more about this feature. The phone has a new 6.8 inch screen with high resolution with vibrant colors and brightness up to 2,600 nits. The flat screen also makes it easier to use the S Pen for writingmaking the phone even more attractive.

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