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Electronic Money Order (EMO)

Pakistan Post has launched Electronic Money Order (EMO) Service for domestic money transfer. The service will allow customers for quickly transferring money within the country. Customers will be able to transfer money up to Rs 100,000 through EMO Service at very nominal charges ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 600. The service is available in all 83 GPOs throughout Pakistan.

Value of EMO and Commission Rate:

Value of Electronic Money Order (EMO)Commission (Rs)
up to Rs. 2,000Rs. 50
From Rs. 2,000 and up to Rs. 5,000Rs. 100
From Rs. 5,001 and up to Rs. 10,000Rs. 200
From Rs. 10,001 and up to Rs. 15,000Rs. 250
From Rs. 15,001 and up to Rs. 20,000Rs.350
From Rs. 20,001 and up to Rs. 30,000Rs. 400
From Rs. 30,001 and up to Rs. 40,000Rs. 450
From Rs. 40,001 and up to Rs. 50,000Rs. 500
From Rs. 50,001 and up to Rs. 100,000Rs. 600

Note: Commission is including taxes and there are no additional charges.