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Online AI free content detectors tools in 2024 to check for detectability in Your AI-Generated Content. To assess the detectability of your AI-generated content, you can employ online AI content detectors, many of which are available for free. Some popular tools are Copyleaks, GPTZero, Writer, and OpenAI.

Here is a simple guide on how to use these detectors:

1. Copyleaks:

Paste your text into the Copyleaks tool.

Receive a score or estimate indicating the portion of AI-generated content.

2. GPTZero:

Input your text into the GPTZero tool.

Obtain a result showcasing the likelihood of AI generation.

3. Writer:

Copy and paste your content into the Writer AI content detection tool.

View the score, revealing the percentage of human-written versus AI-generated content.

4. OpenAI:

Use the OpenAI platform to analyze your text for AI content.

Receive insights into the presence and extent of AI-generated elements.

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Note that various algorithms are used by each detector, which could result in different outcomes. For instance, when testing a sample paragraph created by ChatGPT with Copyleaks, the tool may confidently identify it as AI content. However, when examined by Writer, it might yield a different result, such as 68% human-written content and 32% flagged as AI-generated.

While AI content detection tools are valuable, they are not flawless. There are instances where they may overlook AI-generated writing or misidentify human-written content as AI.

In the end, what matters is to deliver content that connects with your audience and sounds human, not robotic.

Therefore, it’s advisable to personally review AI-generated content. If it feels somewhat unnatural or robotic, consider making adjustments to enhance its conversational and human-like qualities.


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