Longi Hi Mo 6 Price in Pakistan 2024

Longi Hi Mo 6 & 7 Today Price in Pakistan 2024: Documented Grade A & Grade B Solar panels Price.

Longi 500 wtt, 540 watt, 550 watt, 600 watt & 570 watt Single glass Grade A & Grade B Latest Prices. The LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd. previously known as Xi an Longi Silicon Materials Corporation is a prominent Chinese company in the field of photovoltaics. Specializing in the manufacturing of solar modules and the development of solar power projects LONGi Group stands as a significant player in the solar industry.

Longi Hi Mo 6 A Grade Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the market offers a range of solar panels with varying grades and prices. For A-grade panels, Longi stands out with options like the 500W, 555W, and 550W single glass panels, each priced at 45 Rupees per watt. The prices range from 23,000 to 25,000 Rupees, offering reliability and efficiency for those seeking higher-end solar solutions. The Longi Hi-Mo 6 570W single glass panel, considered top-tier, is priced slightly higher at 45 Rupees per watt, totaling 26,660 Rupees and Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass  n type price is 48 per watt, totaling 27500 rupees.

Longi Hi Mo 6 B Grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

For those considering B-grade options, Longi’s 550W B-grade panel is available at a lower cost of 41 Rupees per watt, totaling 22,650 Rupees. While these panels might not match the A-grade’s performance, they offer a more affordable entry point into solar energy systems.

Longi Hi Mo 6 International Solar Panel Rates Today

Internationally, Longi’s solar panel prices range from 0.10 to 0.12 dollars per watt. These rates provide a broader perspective for consumers considering imported panels, showcasing Longi’s competitive pricing in the global market. It’s essential for buyers to balance cost-effectiveness with the desired efficiency when choosing solar panels, weighing local offerings against international rates to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget.

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Five popular tips to maintain your solar panels:

1. Ensure Cleanliness: Consistently remove dirt and debris from the panels.
2. Conduct Regular Inspections: Check for shading or damage routinely.
3. Track Energy Output: Monitor production to detect any potential issues.
4. Arrange Professional Maintenance: Schedule periodic expert check-ups.
5. Shield Panels: Employ guards to prevent nesting and physical damage.

You have read Longi Hi Mo 6 Price in Pakistan 2024 but verify prices from multiple retailers, at least three to four, to ensure you are getting the best price deal available in the Pakistani market.

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