Kpop album cover Quran


The new album by the K-Pop group Kingdom had a cover that looked a lot like the Quran, a holy book for Muslims. Because of this, they are taking back all the copies they made and will make a new cover.

Kpop album cover Quran

People noticed this similarity last week and said it was disrespectful to Islam and could make Muslim K-pop fans upset. The company that manages Kingdom, GF Entertainment, said they are sorry for not realizing this and promised to be more careful in the future. You can order the album again starting on September 26, and it will still come out on October 18.

GF Entertainment, the company that works with the boy group KINGDOM, said sorry for the album design that upset Muslims. The design had resembling to Quran, which disappointed the Muslims because The Holy Quran is a sacred book for muslims. This upset fans of the boy group and people on the internet. Many of them told GF Entertainment about their worries.

A lot of disappointed fans asked GF Entertainment to say sorry and not make more albums with the same design. GF Entertainment listened and decided to stop making 70,000 copies of the first album design because of the upset.

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