KMU PESCO Assistant Lineman ALM Sampe Past Papers 

KMU-CAT Entry Test

KMU PESCO Assistant Lineman ALM Sampe Past Papers 2021 download pdf

Total MCQs=40
Total Marks=40
Time=80 Mins

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ALM Test Syllabus

Breakup of Questions:
English : 06 MCQS Questions
Urdu : 06 MCQS Questions
G. Mathematics : 06 MCQS Questions
Pak. Study : 06 MCQS Questions
G. Science : 06 MCQS Questions
G. Knowledge : 06 MCQS Questions
Islamiayat/Ethics : 04 MCQS Questions

ALM Sample Papers
Q#1: A person who wants to destroy all government and order is called _________?
A. Alienate B. Anarchist C. Annihilate D. Aviary

Q#2: It’s difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view
A. with B. to C. in D. on

Q#3: There is something wonderful _______ him.
A. of B. about C. for D. inside

Q#4: I enjoy __________ hockey.
A. to play B. plays C. playing D. to playing

Q#5: We _______ to take care of our parents when they are old:
A: could B: would C: might D: ought to

Q#6: Most of the people don’t like American coffee and _____________
A: I don’t too B: Either don’t I C: Neither don’t I D: Neither Do I

Q#7: Which is the outermost planet in the solar system?
A. Pluto B. Neptune C. Uranus D. Saturn

Q#8: Severe deficiency of Vitamin D results in __________.
A. scurvy B. rickets C. night blindness D. None of these

Q#9: For a fixed mass of gas at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure will?
A. also decrease B. increase C. remains constant D. none of these

Q#10: A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called __________?
A. motor B. generator C. moving-coil meter D. battery

Q#11: Which of the following is a volcanic plateau?
A. Antrum Plateau B. Brazilian Plateau C. Anatolia Plateau D. Tibetan Palteau
Q#12: The Shortest air route from Moscow to San Francisco is?
A. Over the South Pole B. Over the North Pole C. Over the Atlantic Ocean D. None of the above
Q#13: 2 + 2 x 2=?
A) 16 B) 8 C) 10 D) 6

Q#14 : Set of natural numbers starts from?
A) 0 B) 1 C) 10 D) none of the above

Q#15: IF 22X =16 then X = ?
A)4 B) 2 C) 8/11 D)1/2

Q#16: A triangle that has all the three angles less than 900 is called:
A) Obtuse triangle B) Oblique Triangle C) Acute angle Triangle D) Isosceles Triangle

Q#17: 1 acre is equal to ________square foot?
A. 45434 square feet B. 34343 square feet C. 43572 square feet D. 43560 square feet

Q#18: The word Geometry has been derived from two Greek words:_____________?
A. Geo and matery B. Geo and Metron. C. Geo and matric D. Geo and measurement

Q#19: The International Day of Peace is observed annually on_______?
A. 20 Sept B. 21 Sept C. 22 Sept D. 23 Sept

Q#20: Indian city Mumbai consists of how many islands?
A. Five islands B. Six islands C. Seven islands D. Ten islands

Q#21: Capital of Germany is __________?
A. Nairobi B. London C. Paris D. Berlin

Q#22: Where is river Thames?
A. England B. Thailand C. Germany D. Russia

Q#23: Term of the President of UN General Assembly is ___________?
A. 1 Year B. 2 Years C. 5 Years D. None of these

Q#24: 16th century built Kharphocho Fort is located in___________?
A. Kot Digi B. Taxila C. Swat D. Skardu