How Get Easypaisa Loan without Documents Guarantees easily


How Get Easypaisa Loan without Documents Guarantees easily

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For Easypaisa loan documents are not required.

No long waits in line or guarantees will be required.

Just dial *786*7*1# to get your loan from 850 to Rs.10,000.

If your application is approved, the Bank shall send an SMS to you to confirm the Loan Amount, the Service / Processing Fee, the Total Repayment Amount, the Due Date and the Late Payment Fee. You may accept or decline to take up a loan from the Bank by following the instructions provided in the application menu on your mobile phone. If your application is approved, the loan shall be paid directly into your Easypaisa Mobile Account.

This scheme is only for Easypaisa account holders having a Telenor SIM.

Loan value and qualification is dependent on your easypaisa account and Telenor credit usage

ID Card issuance date and Fathers name will be required during the loan application process

Paying loan back on time will qualify you for a better amount and rate in the future

You may choose to pay the Repayment Amount directly on or before the Due Date by using the repayment option on the loan menu or dial *786*7*2#

Loan amount with service fee will be auto deducted from your account on due date

Not paying on time will result in a fee of 2.5% being charged

Not paying back will result in you getting black listed with credit bureau of Pakistan,Legal action taken will be as per the laws of Pakistan