Honda Car Price List in Pakistan 2024

Exploring Honda Car Price List in Pakistan 2024 of Honda City, BR-V, HR-V and Civic. Updated price list of 2024 for Honda cars in Pakistan.┬áHonda has announced its updated price list for 2024, indicating significant alterations in the costs of their lineup compared to the previous year. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the current prices of Honda vehicles as of January 2024:

Current prices of Honda cars as of January 2024:

Honda City Price in Pakistan 2024:

1. City M/T 1.2L: PKR 4,699,000
2.City CVT 1.2L: PKR 4,829,000
3.City CVT 1.5L: PKR 5,439,000
4.City Aspire M/T 1.5L: PKR 5,649,000
5.City Aspire CVT 1.5L: PKR 5,849,000

 Honda BR-V Series Price in Pakistan 2024:

1. BR-V CVT S: PKR 6,299,000

Honda HR-V Series Price in Pakistan 2024:

1. HR-V VTI: PKR 7,649,000
2. HR-V VTI S: PKR 7,899,000

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024:

1. Civic 1.5L M-CVT: PKR 8,329,000
2. Civic 1.5L Oriel M-CVT: PKR 8,659,000
3. Civic RS 1.5L LL-CVT: PKR 9,899,000

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The latest price adjustments by Honda showcase notable hikes across various models in their 2024 lineup. Compared to the previous year, these price increments range from 630,000 to as high as 1,800,000, signifying significant shifts in the market pricing for Honda vehicles.

These updated figures highlight the current costs of Honda’s popular models in January 2024, serving as a key reference point for prospective buyers and enthusiasts to gauge the revised market dynamics.

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