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FBR UDC Test MCQS Past Papers pdf Test Pattern and Sample MCQS Notes Preparation

1. Headquarters of UNO are situated at ?
Ans. New York, USA

2. How many squares has a chessboard ?
Ans. 64

3. What is the world’s largest living mammal ?
Blue Whale

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4. How many white stars are on the national flag of the USA ?
Ans. 50

5. Which is the national bird of Pakistan ?

6. What is the standard monetary unit of Turkey ?
Ans. Lira

7. The world oldest known city is
Ans. Damascus

8. The largest planet is ?
Ans. Jupiter

9. Headquarter of Pakistan NAVY is in ?
Ans. Islamabad

10. Highest Dam in world is ?
Ans. The Grande(Switzerland)

11. Which Country has the oldest monarchy?
Ans. Japan

12. Pakistan’s first coin was issued on?
Ans. 3rd January 1948

13. The social network site “Twitter” was launched on?
Ans. March 21, 2006

14. The OIC was founded in
Ans. Morocco

15. The capital of Saudi Arabia is?
Ans. Riyadh

16. The United Nations hasprincipal organs?
Ans. 6